Monday, May 3, 2010

You're Such A BackStabber!

Girl, your such a backstabber,
taking and twisting it down your so manipulating
Run your mouth more than everyone I've ever known
And everybody knows it
Girl Talk talk
your looking like a lunatic

I'm pissed. Like Legit pissed. Have you ever gotten so angry it just ruins your whole day and makes you almost cry at the smallest things? Yeah, well, today was that day for me. My friend, who so graciously stole the last guy i was talking to is now on the prowl for my new guy. Nice friend right? She came to work yesterday talking about some guy she had hung out with 3 times last week. And she kept wanting me to guess who it was and saying i was gonna be so jealous, i finally guessed the guy i have been talking to and i was right. She then proceeded to tell me they hooked up. AND SHE KNEW THE WHOLE TIME I HAVE LIKED HIM!!! It was like she was bragging to me about hooking up with a guy i liked! Is it wrong to feel like hitting her...? >:/

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